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a very sweet, kind hearted girl, who is very beautiful
vianna is all mine
by amarino October 20, 2009
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A very unique girl. Once in a blue moon a Vianna will pass by. A very petite girl. A combination or girly and a tomboy. A feisty girl, she is not to mess with when she is mad. Her personality is kind hearted if you respect her, she is still polite if you don't like her. She is not a player, but she has something about her that makes her attract a lot of guys. A very different definition of beauty. Most of the Viannas' have dark eyes, with a twinkle in them, they are framed by long lashes. They are also known for their nice bodies, and talent.
Boy 1:Damn, who is that beautiful girl?
Boy 2: Her name is Vianna
Boy 1: I wish she was my gf.
by namedefiner12345 March 10, 2013
a crazy ass bitch
whom everyone loves long time
always getting drunk an stoned out her mind

totally gorgeous
"check out that chick, she's pi**ed out her mind, she is totally a vianna"
by inionboy November 22, 2007
An anorexic bitch who cant stop throwing up or eating so therfore she is bulimic as well
Oh look there goes vianna again running off into the restroom to stick her ugly face in the stinky toilet again how gross
by K11C February 29, 2008

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