french word for MEAT
Et surtout, n'ayez plus peur de dire "j'aime la viande".
(which means "Of course, don't be feared anymore while saying 'I love meat'.")
by Ghiii April 23, 2005
Top Definition
meetings, gatherings, or staff meetings. Often one person does the majority of the speaking in a broken dialect. Commonly everyone who partook in the viande feels a little less intelligent when they leave.
Boss: "Guy! Guy, we have a meet today, so stick around after break for a viande.
by Julian November 25, 2004
A meeting held by the guy from the dark side, laced with contradictions, grammatical errors, mood twists, and Dum Dum blowing up to end it.
Guy, the work is horrible! On the other hand, the work is the bess I ever see!
by Claude November 26, 2004
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