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VOICE-activated TEXTING done on smartphones, thus, the term, VEXTING.
Are you vexting another text into your smartphone?
by pRODIGAL1 November 27, 2011
2 4
(V) The act of sending or receiving purposefully upsetting texts, usually from an angry ex, when he or she KNOWS you're out enjoying yourself without them.
Nicole: Yo, who keeps blowing up your phone?
Yania: You know who it is! He is vexting the sh** out of me!!!
(They move towards the bar)
by LupaLatina December 16, 2009
16 3
Vexting is to send a message using a "video" instead of word text. Is is similar to texting but you do not type instead you create a video message and send as your message. It is different than skype or face-time because it is a video message not real time.
Vexting is a video text message.
by KLONG July 15, 2013
3 0
Venting to your friends by way of text. Often done while the object of one's vent is still present, thus the need for quick, yet liberating text messages.
Girl A: OMG, I can't believe the way Jane just ignored you in line at the movies. Doesn't she remember you were BFF's like 2 months ago?

Girl B: I'm totally over that. I was pissed at first, but I was just vexting my friend Beth about it and feel much better now.
by ElizaDoolittleDay June 28, 2011
1 2