VOICE-activated TEXTING done on smartphones, thus, the term, VEXTING.
Are you vexting another text into your smartphone?
by pRODIGAL1 November 27, 2011
(V) The act of sending or receiving purposefully upsetting texts, usually from an angry ex, when he or she KNOWS you're out enjoying yourself without them.
Nicole: Yo, who keeps blowing up your phone?
Yania: You know who it is! He is vexting the sh** out of me!!!
(They move towards the bar)
by LupaLatina December 16, 2009
Vexting is to send a message using a "video" instead of word text. Is is similar to texting but you do not type instead you create a video message and send as your message. It is different than skype or face-time because it is a video message not real time.
Vexting is a video text message.
by KLONG July 15, 2013
Venting to your friends by way of text. Often done while the object of one's vent is still present, thus the need for quick, yet liberating text messages.
Girl A: OMG, I can't believe the way Jane just ignored you in line at the movies. Doesn't she remember you were BFF's like 2 months ago?

Girl B: I'm totally over that. I was pissed at first, but I was just vexting my friend Beth about it and feel much better now.
by ElizaDoolittleDay June 28, 2011

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