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(V) The act of sending or receiving purposefully upsetting texts, usually from an angry ex, when he or she KNOWS you're out enjoying yourself without them.
Nicole: Yo, who keeps blowing up your phone?
Yania: You know who it is! He is vexting the sh** out of me!!!
(They move towards the bar)
by LupaLatina December 16, 2009
A boy or man you meet while out with your friends who:
1. Offers little or infantile conversation.
2. Assumes that he is your dance partner and follows you to the floor.
3. Attempts to make himself a 'sheik' with his 'harem'; namely, you and your friends.
4. Doesn't even offer to buy drinks.
5. Often a sub par specimen to look at.
Marquia: Who is this guy? do you know him?
Yania: Yeah, WTF! He is totally cramping our style! I was talking to this hottie and he rolled up and cb'd me!
Alice: Girls, he is a total hover-a-bitch!
by LupaLatina December 16, 2009
A spelling error made during hurried conversations (IM, texting) which results from or becomes a Freudian slip.
{text conversation}
Ciaran: How did you do on the exam?
Pat: I aced it!

Ciaran: How did you manage that?
Pat: Oh, I am god when it comes to studying.
Ciaran: god?
Pat: *good.... :-)
Ciaran: : That was a total Freusp, you egomaniac!
by LupaLatina December 16, 2009
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