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Verse Chorus Verse is a great song by the band Nirvana. Sappy is mislabelled as Verse Chorus Verse. But, Verse Chorus Verse is a totally different song than Sappy.
"You're the reason I feel pain"
by Ka December 28, 2004
The most common song structure, comprising of the main verse then the chorus followed by the verse again.

This song structure is by far the most common and can be described by one word brainwashing.

A bridge can be used to flow the verse into the chorus and vice versa.

As a side note if any of you knew anything about Nirvana you guys would know Kurt Cobain had an affinity for changing the name of his songs and band, which you would know by reading any biography of the band. So I am sure that the song was probably reffered to as verse chorus verse, and sappy. Since Verse Chorus Verse songs are very sappy. Just like that song. Also being a musician myself I know that bands often "nickname" songs and use different names often made up by the singer to lable the song when used for publlic. EX: My band has a song we call "The surf Song" But the name of the song is Mogow.
Verse:My name is Jim I love the country wind

Chorus:My name is Jim ooohhhh my name is Jim

Verse:My name is Jim I love the country wind

That is verse chorus verse.
by DOUbleJESus October 21, 2005
An awesome Nirvana sang except this isn't the real name of it, the real name of the song is Sappy.
Get the name right of the song its Sappy!
by rents April 24, 2004
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