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The word 'versatifluous' has its origins on my radio show, where I was trying to think of an adjective to describe a local singer, but I blanked on the word and had to make one up; 'versatifluous' is the result. With the help of Jimmy the Milkman (a listener to the show), we came up with the following definition for 'versatifluous.'

versatifluous (adj.) - Extreme intelligence combined with an illicit beauty mixed with 'what your momma gave you' sprinkled with a heavenly voice derived from only the most dynamic melodies with a dash of umph stirred with courage and aspirations with just a pinch of 'she's all that.'
Person A: Have you ever seen so and so?
Person B: Yeah, I went to her concert a few weeks ago. She's a really versatifluous singer, man.
by Tom Navarro April 03, 2007
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