The process of using a noun as a verb.
Tom: I've been computering all day.
Bill: That is some excellent verbification.
by kevining October 25, 2006
Top Definition
To turn a noun into a verb.
Verbification allows one to any word into a verb, such as:

No, I'm busy; I'll be porching all day.

by Gordon Baeyen September 28, 2007
The art, through poor language, of taking a noun and turning it into a verb. When the common verb describing what a noun does, doesn't spring to mind. Poetic license is used to best describe this action using the noun.
John "I've decided to build my own house. So I've enlisted the help of an architect. He / She will be architecting over the next few weeks".

Sam "nice verbification there John... Its a shame he'll be designing your home"
by James is a clown February 28, 2008
The verbing of a noun. See "smart assy".
Over verbification will be the downfall of man!!! Or at least his language...
by traviscalhoun July 27, 2006
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