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an epic drugged up,coricidin cough and cold(ccc)induced, adventure of sorts, usually involving an asian, typically not more than 3-5 blocks in distance but has been known to reach 20-30 blocks and a train ride or two, generally with no point, its an "ADVENTURE"(VENTURE) in the sense that at the times it seems to be to a far away land of epic proportians, which usual ands up being down the block or a few blocks to a 7-11 or popeyes, its a "QUEST" in the sense that you are going somewhere to obtain something that seems to be a great importance, though usually is more pills, "venture-quest" usually occurs in a social setting as in outside,with friends, or anywhere in which there is no established rules, but a "venture-quest" can and has on many times occured during a school day and in a school setting, the "adventure" part being walking around to your classes, and the "quest" partbecause you are usual trying to obtain something, another nap, a ciggarette in the bathroom, or somefood from the cafe, in short most situations in which something must be attained is a "venture-quest" under the circumstances mentioned before, in short a "venture-quest" is the what defines a triple c,coricidin cough and cold(ccc) trip, it happens regard less, and is mucho fun for those under the influence of any intoxicant, its has defined over a year of a life, and shows no sign of slowing down
AZN-"Will it be epic?"
Gallow-"We shall make it epic, i have a dollar"
by Bambi/Gallow February 21, 2009
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