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n. A deceptive fart that sounds like it came from someone or somewhere it didn't.

v. The act of 'throwing' a fart so that it sounds like someone else did it.

Note: Often unintentional, a ventrilifart frees the farter from persecution.
Phil: Yesterday I punched my roommate for busting ass, but it he swears a guy outside the door ventrilifarted as he walked by. He might be right, I didn't smell a thing.

Tom: I got hit with a ventrilifart the other day. I dodged left and stepped right into the cloud. Man that guy was good.

Dennis: Dan won't stop ventrilifarting and everyone keeps blaming me.
by Shek: A-Force November 28, 2006
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A fart that comes from one person that sounds like it came from someone else.
Oh my God, Susie just farted! Oh, my mistake, that was a ventrilifart. It really came from Bobby.
by Shp69 November 25, 2013
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Verb - When an individual in the room announces that he ( Or she ) has gas, a third party relieves themself of their own built up flatulence. Thus directing the blame to the individual that announced having gas.
Chris: "That tuna casserol was delicious, but I think Its giving me trouble down south."

Tom: *Procedes to let loose a SBD


Chris: "WTF noo?"

Tom: *Snickers* "Yeah that was me, I dropped a ventrilifart."
by Str8Rollin February 13, 2010
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