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a Velcrofart describes the situation where, to pluck an example out of thin air, a bloke called Binkie has been ordered out of the Dandy Lion Arms, because the fumes from his Arse are upsetting the licensee's children, but when he re-enters the bar, the gut-wrenching stench follows him back in.
Bert - Christ who ripped that one?
Sam - Oh No! Binkie's dropped another velcrofart; they stick to him like Bud Flanagan used to stick to Chesney Allen ...
by Bromp April 16, 2009
A bottom bugle that follows the creator from one area to another. See shit shadow
"That was one hell of a velcro fart I just did. I released it at the bottom of the high street and it's still with me now."
by Joe D Beacon April 07, 2008

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