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the appearance of veins showing through the skin on prominent muscles such as biceps, calves, abdominals, deltoids, and those of the forearm

One must be lean, buff, or ripped off their ass to have vein poppage. There is one exception see note**

**Note: fat people can't have vein poppage, unless they have a heart attack or stroke*
(after building some lean)

Woah bruh! You got some gnarley vein poppage going on!

(at the beach)

You see Roid Douchebag over there talking about his beach ball to those Minnesota girls. Ya, vein poppage all over his body.

(obese moose knuckler on television)

Shit man!!!! Did you see that FUPA lady on Oprah? Fuck! I be she'll die of vein poppage cuz she's so fucking fat!
by le_chacal February 23, 2011