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A company that builds the best body kit for the best of all cars, the S2000.
Has also great kits for the Skyline series and the EVO.
Damn shit! Have u seen that S with the veilside kit?
by BacardiDreamZzz April 25, 2005
A performance parts and tuning company, based in Japan, who became better known after many of their custom bodykits appeared in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
"Check out that Veilside Skyline!"
by Lrdp August 06, 2008
the hottest guy ever.i love him very much and he owns everyone at cod and bumsekz
i wish i could be a Veilside
by Mo0se March 04, 2005
Hot spunk with teh nice booteh LozL
his babies will rule the world
by Mo0se April 03, 2005
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