When you have a wedgie in both your vagina and ass.
Look at that girl picking at her pants. She must have a veggie burger.
by Bellagy August 07, 2011
Top Definition
a burger made out of soy and/or vegetables, without meat.
"Yum, I love Burger King's veggie burgers!"
by ali. March 08, 2009
A vegan and or vegetarian's vagina.
A vegan protesting the way cows get slaughtered in slaughter houses tried to hand me an informational pamphlet, so I kicked her in her veggie burger.
by SkeetSkeet$$ June 03, 2011
cousin to the chili dog, the veggie burger is when you eat alot of greens and then you take a shit on a guys stomach,then you spread your buttcheeks and sit on it in a circular motion on his stomach you make a patty and then you sit on his face while he tosses your salad.
i found out my boyfriend was a vegetarian so i decided to surprise him for our anniversary with a veggie burger.
by cheddah&christitty January 02, 2010
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