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A vagina weggie
Cara has veggie during art class
by gcoto November 03, 2009
The vagina form of a bottom wedgie.
My thong got knotted into this huge veggie!
by MkMajik Mike May 18, 2008
n., a cutesy way of saying vegetable
"Star-eagle, be sure to eat all your veggies!"
by roger the fabricator February 05, 2004
Term that describes a very attractive female, comes from the incorrect spelling of vagina (vegina). Noun-veg or veggie, plural-veggies.
I was walking on campus, and I saw Lisa, she one sweet veg.
Dude check out all those chicks walkin, it's like a veggie stampede!

by Killa the Thrilla June 01, 2007
a vaginal wedgie caused by tight pants
Her veggie was bigger than the Grand Canyon.
by Fatguyinalittlecoat December 02, 2004
A wedgie that occurs in the vagina.
"The crotch in these shorts is giving me a phat veggie"
by Carleywarley June 26, 2007
Food which is suitable for vegetarians
dude1: is it veggie?
dude2: dude1, it's a fecking steak, how the feck could it be veggie?
dude1: just asking
by Carnophage December 15, 2004