A modern diet followed by people who, for various reasons, don't eat animals. Eating animals used to be necessary in the stone age, but we now have the knowledge and resources to follow a healthy vegan diet. Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to follow a vegetarian diet and still consume adequate protein. Soy products and other legumes contain amounts of protein comparable to meat, and also contain less fat. Most vegetarians are thinner and healthier than people who eat meat, and live on average 7 years longer.
Who wants some yummy scorched animal muscles slathered in partially congealed cooked blood and fat?
Um, no thanks, I'm a vegetarian.
by Amanda is Naff July 09, 2003
a vegetarian is one who, for various reasons, chooses that the eating of flesh is unnessasary for survival. recently, many people claim to be vegetarian, but still eat fish, and/or chicken, and/or turkey. this is not a vegetarian. vegetarian is often confused with vegan. veganism is when someone does not eat any animal, or animal products(i.e. eggs, milk, cheese, etc)
i have been a vegetarian since i was 16, and these are examples of conversations i have since i first became one:
-um..can i get the taco, but without meat and beans instead please?
--what, are you a vegetarian or something?
-why yes, yes i am...
--you arent going to like, start shouting PETA shit at me, or start crying when the next person gets something with meat in it are you?
-no, why would i do that?
--well, isnt that what you people do?
-excuse me 'you people'?
--yah, ya know, you vegetarian frea-i mean, people.
-no, that's what we'd like to call a stereotype. for example if i said that you say 'would you like fries with that' all day, simply because you happen to work at a fast-food restaurant, that would be a stereotype.
--dude, i think the lack of meat is making you bitchy...
example 2:
-do you eat peanuts?
--well, your sister said you're a vegetarian...so do you eat peanuts?
--you aren't really a vegetarian then, real vegetarians dont eat any protein.
-moron, we eat protein, it the eating of animals that i dont do. Peanuts happen to be legumes.
-do you eat tofu all the time?
--i'm not particularly fond of tofu actually
-then you really arent a vegetarian

example 3:(this one came from my uncle, a hunter)
-so you want steak for dinner tonight?
--anctually, i'm a vegetarian
-WHAT?! i bet you're in to all that hippie shit like poetry, and that queer art and all that wierd shit.
--do you mean expression of self? creativity? beauty? if you do, then yes
-my god, i never would've guessed my niece would become some wierdo...
--thanks jim...
-if you even THINK of dating some {n-word} i will shoot you and him both.
--thats real civil of you. thanks for supporting me.
(^note tone of sarcasm in statement immediately above this line)

MOM: huh..applebees doesnt have much in the way of meatless foods...
me: i'll find something, i always do.
MOM: you could get a salad, or i thnk they have soups here.
me: mum, i'll find something.
waitress: what can i get you today?
me: um, what is you're soup of the day?
waitress: um, today it is the chicken tortilla soup.
me:okayy..um, can i get a plain salad then, without any meat on it?
waitress: okay, sure, would you like tomatoes?
me: sure
waitress: cheese?
me: yah
waitress: bacon too right?
me: no, no meat
waitress: so chicken then?
me: no, nothing that was previously alive and breathing,
waitress: so you want shrimp?
me: no. i want a plain salad without any meat on it.no animals. none.
waitress: (very puzzled look on her face)okay, then, i'll see what i can do...

basically, if you ever become a vegetarian, DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT GO TO APPLEBEES! you will have a very hard time finding anything to eat, and when you do, it could take a while to order it.
Someone who is conscious of the way that animals are treated in industrial farming. Someone who realises its perfectly natural to eat meat, but chooses not to because of the torture, humiliation, pain, misery, suffering and disrespect of animals. All brought about by the greed of certain money obsessed corporations and the ignorance of the (somewhat uneducated) mass public.
"i am vegetarian because i do not want to be responsible for the atrocities of intensive farming..."
by jeffreyareola February 25, 2004
A person who chooses not to eat beef, pork, chicken, fish or other meats. Usually for ethical, religious, or health reasons.

Vegans are another type of vegetarian who abstain for dairy, eggs, and honey, aswell as all meats.
Person A: I'm a vegetarian and I eat fish...

Person B: No you're not. Vegetarians don't eat fish.
by NChick1987 December 05, 2005
Someone who does not eat the meat of any animal. Not even fish or chicken as some would like to think.
I laughed at the silly omnivore who said vegetarians were weak because they didn't eat meat. It was so sad to me that she didn't realize I was a black-belt in Jiu-Jitsu and an award winning weight-lifter who didn't even take any supplements as I proceeded to mop the floor with her fat animal killing ass.

True story.
by Punk Kitten April 22, 2004
One cool mother fucker
Watching animals being slaughtered while working in an abattoir, I decide (sic) not to make anyone else suffer. You meat eaters wil get spongy brains, you dickheads.
by coon boy August 20, 2003
One who does not eat meat. Includes Vegans, a sub-group of people who do not eat any animal products and fruitatarians who do not kill any living thing for food.
I have made a personal, ethical, choice to be a vegetarian.
by Stilanas July 19, 2003

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