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1.0) (n) An extremely likable person whose heart is in the right place. 2.0) (n) Everybody's friend, very easy to get along with. 3.0) (n) Someone whom everyone wishes were their friend. 4.0)(n) Reliable, honest and true. 5.0) (n)Someone you fall back on who doesn't disappoint.
6.0) (v) Someone who backs you up; or sticks with you through thick and thin.
1.0) I am so down right now I need a veepee stat!
2.0) Where's a veepee when I need one?
3.0) That guy is such a man's man - a real veepee!
4.0) When the shit hit the fan, Chris was the only one who veepeed me.
by Aaron Aevarist March 18, 2010
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party animal. coolest person on the east coast. sexy as hell, no doubt. may cause you to scream while fucking. yeah, she's that good.
it's vee pee bitches.
by loradorable March 12, 2008

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