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Veek is a smelly fat kid whose origin is hamburg he has a MASSIVE tounge and a terrible lisp. His favorite nfl team is "dadeup" that is the way he says the radiers. His favorite nba team is the SSSSonickths the way he says sonics. He has a hot sister, his dad is willy wonka (complete with oompa loompas and candy) and his wife a typical house wife (cough cough slave cough cough. He also smells. Bad. Really bad.
To be a "Veek" u must be all of the above along with no sports ability whatsoever. Especially when it comes to basketball.
Man, u need a shower u smell like veek.

Dude, today sucked i had to hang out with veek.
by Chris Verbeek February 24, 2005
A virgin geek
Those pledges are such veeks.
by Fratrick Broseph March 01, 2011
Short for video peek.
Usually, a 15-30 second video communication captured with the camcorder function of a cell phone or other handheld device. Veeks can be easily published online from cell phones through

v. intr.
The act of communicating with mobile video technology.
Dude, did you see the veek of those two crazy girls at the Jurassic5 show last night?

At first my bf was totally freaking out about my cross country drive but when I veeked him every 100 miles he chilled.
by k-force October 20, 2006
motorized vehicle, meant for street use
My veeks gots tha sickest system.
by Chowda December 23, 2002
Vicodin or any other painkiller.
I just ate some veeks and im feeling great!
by Bluntserday October 24, 2009
n. mis-typing geek on a QWERTY keyboard mobile texting device because the buttons are so small and thumbs were not designed to work like that.
sent text: "My phone doesnt hav a pirate smiley for talk like a pirate txts so I made my own: P)"

received text: "Oh yeah...u hav 2 make a line of veek smileys."
by monk.overboard September 19, 2010
He has a lisp. He has a big tounge his father is willy wonka. He is veek.
My name is veek. Hear me roar.
by Christopher Vanderboogen October 29, 2005

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