a great car company that because of corruption went under the radar and was bought by a company called megatech, at which point they shoved a piece of crap lambo engine and cut the power output in half, from the good chevy 350 with twin turbo producing 1100 down to a measly 492, both look good, if i owned either i'd be the happiest man alive, only 20 ever produced. other then crash cars, 14 m12's, 5 or so w8, and one srv8(concept), last one attempted to be sold was on ebay, never sold, last check was $480,000!
good type in vector aeromotive in google to get the whole history
by daveciaburri April 05, 2006
to be on your way to a place.
"i'm on home vector"
"friday night is a crucial drunk vector"
by shiiiitballs December 06, 2006
Someone who is high tech and cool.
That King of Haumoana is one totally vector graphic dude
by Undy Bumgrope June 26, 2004
The anti-thesis of cusp. To Vector someone/or something, means to have a sexual fantasy with said object in your mind. Often involving whipped cream.
I vectored your mom during AP Calculus. (I had a sexual fantasy with your mom in my mind during AP Calculus)
by Some Transmitted Disease December 01, 2004

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