A pussy group of pussys than say they lick pussy but dont cuz they have pussys and are to pussy to lick pussy even if there sex drive wanted them to lick pussy.
Carlos, gay french dude who washes Isaacs balls. Calls himself GOOSE thinking its cuz hes so cool, when really its cuz he's retarded and no1 likes him, and evryone wants him to fly back to the shithole he came out of.
by Confidential March 28, 2004
Top Definition
visible camel toe (camel toe)
my bro jb thought some cougar in tight pants was trying to steal a yo-yo from kmart, but i told him not to worry cause it was only vct.
by jd dougiefresh February 05, 2008
Virgin Conspiracy Theory: a girl who claims to be a "virgin" but clearly has fucked way too many guys to count on two or 3 sets of hands, usually puts on the sweet and innocent act, most always plays the "I'm a good girl" card....but has hooked up with most if not all guys in a specific friend group and/or college/university. Tends to lose things alot, most commonly her V card but always manages to find it....then lose it once again. Also a compulsive liar.
V Card Thief #1: "dude she told me she's a virgin"
V Card Thief #2: "Ahh shit not another VCT"
V Card Thief #1: "A what?"
V Card Thief #2: "Virgin Conspiracy Theory"
V Card Thief #52: "Yea she's a ho fo me"
by Karmas.A.Bitch April 16, 2010
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