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A person whom is addicted to/or has done the bad CRIME of breaking ones heart who loved them.
jake is a heartbreaker!
by confidential March 27, 2004
Who cares really hes a guy, guys r born that way they cant help it
guyz suck sometimes
by confidential September 09, 2003
pig intestines but who cares it tastes good & i dont seem 2 b gainin weight
i eat it 4 breakfast
by confidential September 09, 2003
Illest bad ass underground un-signed group in the UK. Something heard of a big project going down in summer, all top secret.
It's tampon Ten, minus the one we be packing the nines, Soldier and Mr Cypha-grimes, droppin rhymes, all the times.
by Confidential March 28, 2004
A pussy group of pussys than say they lick pussy but dont cuz they have pussys and are to pussy to lick pussy even if there sex drive wanted them to lick pussy.
Carlos, gay french dude who washes Isaacs balls. Calls himself GOOSE thinking its cuz hes so cool, when really its cuz he's retarded and no1 likes him, and evryone wants him to fly back to the shithole he came out of.
by Confidential March 28, 2004

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