Top Definition
stands for very big deal

used to contradict when someone says "nbd"
A: I'm only 30 minutes late, nbd.
B: 30 minutes late? vbd
by ILYKCATZ February 24, 2010
Vaginal Bay Disease
Condition that occurs in women who frequently float in dirty bay water often while consuming alcohol in hot weather. Symptoms include: chronic alcoholism, irritable temper, increased promiscuity, increased desire to listen to repetitive pop songs, urge to wear neon, miscellaneous other effects to female body parts similar to that of chlamydia.
"Karen's got a bad case of VBD from swimming in the bay all day"

"Julie's been listening to Call Me Maybe on repeat for 4 hours, she really should get tested for VBD."
by SwanMan July 02, 2012

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