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ejaculate, primarily human and primarily in reference to a male, but may refer to any gender or species, also generally in large amounts.
That bukkake video had so much vattis!


I understand that whales release the most vattis of any animal; that's why the ocean tastes the way it does.
by Von Funkenstein November 02, 2011
A hottie with a nice bottie. She's down for anything, but only if your up for anything, but only if you know what i mean. She'll go down if you get up and then she'll make macaroni art with you afterwards.
But don't be fooled. This girl will give you a serious whooping if that's what you want. She knows her way around the dojang and after whooping up on you she will make some macaroni art with you.
Guy 1: "Dude, so what are you making your girlfriend for valentine's day?"
Guy 2: "Macaroni art. She's a total Vatti."
by beardedmonkey February 12, 2009
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