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The target of 16 yr olds with too much time on their hands to be adding positive, negative entries on urbandictionary.
"Hey bro! Wanna' get back at Vaspim for owning us?"

"Yeah, let's write an entry about him."

"Ya, that'll show him who's boss!!"
by Q42 October 14, 2006
Take all your fears, your grandpas fart, that scary lady on the corner, fears of being hacked/cracked and x them all by sums it up pretty much
"You see Vaspim? Run."
by jynxxxx April 22, 2006
Synonymous to the Portuguese word for faggot, a vaspim is a small, egotistical child with abandonment issues and a vast understanding of common psychology. A vaspim will force it's way onto a forum, and once there, it will proceed to destroy the forum from the inside out. Despite it's egotistical attempts to make itself seem better, it fails in the long run since no one has ever heard of it.
Oh, it's just a vaspim. Let's just leave it to die in a corner.

A vaspim? Yes, just ignore it.

by Vaspim Hater February 11, 2007
Small burrowing rodent, often leaves skidmarks in it's wake. No apparent life other than 'pwning' regs, rookies and flamers alike.
Webster's Definitive says it's synonymous for 'faggot' in portuguese. Webster's is correct.
Innocent bystander: Shit, it's Vaspim.
Innocent bystander2: Just ignore him, maybe he'll go away...
by A Divine Source October 14, 2006
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