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An awesome last name that derives from the dutch. Usually has bad luck with stumping toes into random things. And a bad temper.
"Man, those vanwinkles will shank a bitch."
by sweetink September 25, 2009
6 2
to sleep for a very long time, especially through important events.
I was so tired yesterday that I layed down on the couch and van winkled right through my basketball game.
by jwd142 August 11, 2009
12 0
Knocking out a chick during sex and then ejaculating on her chin. When she wakes up she has a white beard like Rip Van Winkle
Dude, Greg's mom choked on my dick last night, and passed out, so I Van Winkled her!
by maul731 December 20, 2006
31 19
That person who is friends with Reed Jennings.she is nice but sometimes odd.her cat is extra stupid
Vanwinkle just fell off a cliff
by rjboard October 16, 2010
1 2
A very ba last name, and your related to vnnilla ice
Alison Vanwinkle likes balls and has herpes.
by booser April 08, 2005
7 9