To accidentally excrete poo from one's anus into one's pants, generally due to copious amounts of alcohol consumption wherein all bowel control has been lost.
"Oh man... I got SO drunk the other night at this party, I Vanced everywhere... I had to remove my Vance pants and walk home in the nude".

"Hurry up in the bathroom dude!! I'm gonna Vance if you take any longer in there".
by TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR !!! March 25, 2013
Vance is an amazing, Nice and very charming person. He is always flashing his smile and loves to laugh. He loves to do anything that is energetic. When you see Vance he will always make you smile.
Woah! Look what Vance just did!
by K33P 1T R3AL March 10, 2015
A reverse boner, your penis goes back up into your body.
Dude, that girl was so ugly, that she gave me a vance.
by TheShogunDude October 05, 2012
a slang term for a penis, usually used to insult somebody.
Dude your vance is out! God you're such a vance.
by The P. Master April 17, 2010
A name given to someone who makes bets about arbitrary things. This person will also claim to have made bets with others for some quick cash.
"Rob you are such a vance I never made a bet with you."
by arrrg12 August 29, 2007
Person obsessed with Japanese things. The normal Japanese person would call him, "Otaku." Funny, charming, most of the times an idiot. Sensitive at heart, but covering it is stupidity.
That vance is such an idiot!

That vance is sooo japanese, it scares me.
by Vasselvordinor March 30, 2008
a wussy person: one who is displeasurable to be around. (normally a man)
vance-like person: "Oh No! I just got expo-marker dust all over my yellow shirt!"
by alabambam June 01, 2009

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