1. A person who is a member of the site vampirefreaks dot com. It's another website for shallow morons who have nothing better to do then follow trends and use the word "pseudo" far too often.

2. A Yahoo Messenger chat room under the category of music.
VFboi22882283: i wnna suck ur bluud. and im not a poser
by Funker_joe May 08, 2005
Top Definition
Vampirefreaks is a website originally for the alternative, cyber goths, goths, freaks etc..though i must say, many emos have joined as well. Fuckthemainstream is a section of vampirefreaks which enables people to purchase their alternative clothing and accesories. However the main reason people go on vf is to create a personal profile, join cults which interest them and socialize.
1. Vampirefreaks aka Vf is a hardcore version of myspace.
2. Boo, that premium whore gave me a rating of 1.
by burgandy June 24, 2006
Like myspace.com in many ways, except gothic.
Talk to Hungar of vampirefreaks.com his name there is gwar_junkie
by Fiona Slennz April 02, 2005
A community website similar to myspace or facebook that was originally intended for the gothic/industrial subculture and those who take part in it, but it has recently become flooded with scene and emo kids and those generally annoying people who only create profiles to post 'glamour pics' and look at other people who have 'glamour pics'. The site has a feature where users are able to rate each other on a scale of 1 - 10 and but usually people rate based on the person's pictures, never mind actually getting to know the person or even read the profile god forbid, and the comment's usually consist of 'nice pics cutie' or 'OMGZ ur like s0 h0tt ;)'. But of course there are some people on there who are not complete vain and material idiots. Those can often be found in certain areas of the messageboards.
Vampirefreaks is a site where those who relate with the gothic and industrial subculture can gather

Vampirefreaks has become infested with silly emo and scene kids...why the fuck do I keep going back?
by lefreakoflevampire November 14, 2008
A social networking website for those of a altnernative, industrial, gothic culture ect, though it is mainly full of emos ,scene kids, attentionwhores and perverts.

Users usually claim to be "themselves" and hate trends and labels, when they pretty much all look the same anyway. Because they are so immensly original.

Rather than being about music and culture, vampirefreaks is or perhaps has become more of a place based on image and trend. It is full of a countless number of pointless cults, and not to mention attentionwhores of both genders who feed of trashy comments of the opposite sex.

User profiles often consist of

- a passage about how different they are. And how they want others to percive them. Or how much of a bitch or trashy they are and how they are proud of it.
-picture of the user, commonly- a girl in a weird angle or a guy lifting his shirt or showing of his stomach.
-likes and dislikes
-sometimes little emo gifs and pictures.
person 1 : hai i joined vampirefreaks cos im so dark and alternative.
person 2 : you dont need a site to determine who you are as a person.
person 1: OMG i got soo many points this week.
person 2: heres a gold medal.

vfperson : heyy welcome to vf, 10+ your hawt ;) (but i just want you to give me points back and i'll hardly talk you ever again hehe)

person1 : 10+ thanks & hi (omggg they think im hawt ! *creams* )
by JoannaT May 24, 2010
A gothic chatroom community.
Not vampires who are freaks.
by SEmily July 21, 2004
A social networking website much like Myspace, except that its member list consists almost entirely of pseudogoths and mallcores.
John: If you have a vampire freaks account, add me!

by ScarexCrow February 14, 2008
A Gothic Industrial Culture for all races,13 years of age and up,where there is a 1-10 rating system,it is a darker and more sinister version of MySpace and there is a better Contact Support involved.
Girl:Hey you got a VampireFreaks account?
Boy:No what's that?
Girl:It's really awesome,you'd like it there.
Boy:Well sign me up,i want to see what this is about.
by Tabitha Craff June 26, 2007
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