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A female that is used for a booty call only at night that is usually less than the male's normal personal standard of physical attractiveness.

The reason she is a vampire bitch is because she is unattractive to the point that the male only wants to see her late at night with limited light and not himself be seen with her in public.

So ladies, if you only go over to a guy's house at midnight or later and he has no lights on and he has to lead you around the coffee table and such and you have to be gone for whatever reason before sunrise then you qualify as a vampire bitch.
Jim: What did you do last night?

Glenn: Nothing

Jim: Then why did I see a Honda Accord in your driveway last night?

Glenn: I don't know what your talking about.

Jim: Of coarse you do. That red Honda Accord that was gone when I got up this morning.

Glenn: Oh that. That was just my vampire bitch!
by Charlie T. March 31, 2013
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A chick u dont wanna ever see in the daylight, but u do wanna bang in the dark.
Man my vampire bitch is ugly as shit, but god can she fuck!
by the dago March 26, 2007
A bitch that you only want to be with in the dark.
Yo my vampire bitch is sooo ugly, but she fucks soooo good.
by the dago March 25, 2007

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