A Pirate that is a vampire.

Usually annhiliate and devour small, helpless, defenseless children.

Pisses off Mrs. Tuzzino.
What the 'f is a vampirate?
by Sketti April 06, 2003
Top Definition
an amazing combination of a pirate and a vampire.
Vampirates can steal your ship AND suck your blood.
by wutcha June 22, 2005
1. A vampire that is a pirate by profession. esp. one who strikes poses while being threatened with a scythe.

2. A top notch street ball team
1.I don't often travel to the coast of Transylvania for fear of vampirate attacks.
2. Those Vampirates are lighting it up tonight.
by Monday Night Mortimer May 24, 2003
A Vampirate is a thing which is Pirate AND Vampire

It is also a fictional creature from the series Vampirates.
A man or woman who has died (or crossed as they say it) is brought back to life (or sired) by another vampire becomes one.
They are Vampirates when they join the vampirate ship which is led by the vampirate captain.
"and his eyes never meet the light"
"Our ways are strange here, you'll have to get used to them"
"I'm so hungry, It's feast night tonight"
"Your blood tastes nice by the way"
"She's been rescued by the vampirate ship!"
#vampirates #vampires #pirates #blood #ship.
by Ruqayyah March 15, 2008
Punk rock band from Ashland, Oregon and Reno, Nevada.
"Then the vampirates played and proceeded to absolutely beat the shit out of eachother and simultaniously amaze and confuse the audience with the ferocity of the music and the barroom brawl vibe they have with eachother. Bass player loses his strap and takes a knee mid-song so as to finish playing. Singer sees this and proceedes to barrel right into him with his shoulder and then, just in case that wasn't enough, kicks him while he's trying to play. Guitar player sees it and any rational person would go stop this violent mayhem with his band mates. Does he stop it? No, he runs and jumps right into them with the same abandon one would when one cannon balls into a pool. Only this isn't a pool. It's people and they're in your band." - Ryan Stark
#vampirates #vampirate #punk #rock #reno
by vampirates October 28, 2008
Amazing punk rock band from Reno, Nevada, but originally formed in Ashland, Oregon.
I saw the Vampirates last night and they totally destroyed everything.
#vampirate #punk rock #vampires #pirates #slayer
by Vampirates January 21, 2009
A person who is both a Vampire and a Pirate. A person with a dick personality who sucks the life out of you.
B: That guy is such a D-Bag.
L: He is such a Vampirate - he sucks the life out of the place.
#d-bag #ass #douche #smartass #dumbass
by CU Masta August 26, 2009
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