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Corporate filler speak for "making a product more expensive by some obscure improvement/modification".
"Dude, Doritos are now $5.00 a bag, but it's alright, because the extra cheese powder makes them a Value Added Product."
by Kilroy June 08, 2004
A term used during meetings, generally to sound slick and cutting edge. Means exactly the same thing as "adding value," which itself is redundant because any work project is supposed to add value.
Employee #1: By doing this project we will provide value-added
Employee #2: You mean we'll add value?
Employee #1: You obviously can't keep up with the high energy world of business.
by rlstein November 04, 2009
Something added in addition to a product to make it appear better value for money.
Windows 98 had many value added utilities on its CD in the VALUEADD directory.
by sublimal June 04, 2004
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