A man who sleeps with imaginary mothers and then increases his self-importance by retelling his fictitious tales to people who can hardly stomach his lies.
"Where's vajira?"
"He was supposed to be here half an hour ago."
"Who cares, we voted him out of the group."
by MECH0T7 April 04, 2006
Top Definition
Vajira is what 'Jira' is called which is a boring bug tracking and project management software used by digital departments all over the world.One cannot resist the urge to call it 'vajira' because it sounds like vajina and that is the funniest word inexistence. hahahahah-heeeeeee
There's an issue with the homepage.

Have you put it in Vajira?
by Isabelitabox March 25, 2009
this bum that has too much time on his hands and thinks N-sci's will fall for the crap he makes up
nice try vj but two can play at this game
by anonymous March 05, 2005
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