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Noun, plural & singular. A portmanteu of vagina and Jedi, it has multiple meanings.

1. a gynecologist, especially one with mad skillz.
2. a person (male or female) who is an expert at seducing women.
3. a woman using a brightly-colored dildo or vibrator, especially one in bright red or green that makes a low humming sound.
1. I'm Dr. Obi-GYN Kenobi, your gynecologist, and I'm a Vajedi Master. Don't underestimate the power of the Forceps.

2. Tyson hooked up with another chick? Man, that guy's a fucking Vajedi!

3. That webcam chick was going at it with a glowing green vibrator like some kind of Vajedi Knight.
by Talmanes April 16, 2007
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a jedi master of vagina
Matt knows everything about females... he's a vajedi.
by Lost Ark November 04, 2011

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