Vaishali is simply a beautiful person inside and out. She is affectionate and always puts others first. Her most valuable quality is her fervor for life and optimism which inspires others.
"Wow, and you said Vaishali considers you a sister?"

"Yeah, you could say I got lucky on that one."
by Shzamm July 05, 2011
Top Definition
Adorable and cute Indian girl with scintillating smile and fantastic personality.
Hey that girl is so Vaishali!!
by Samuchi June 01, 2006
clever, Glamourus, sexy, typical indian girl and great in bed
this is sooooooooooo vaishaliiiiii
by dsads June 26, 2007
very cute indian girl
Oh hell naw white girl, get outa here wit dat vaishali bidness, u aint foolin no one
by bubez August 11, 2010
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