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Someone who adds people that they don't know, or that annoy them on either myspace, facebook, or other such social networking sites, in order to increase their friend count. A portmanteau of "vain" and "maniac". See
George is such a vainiac. He added Jack on myspace, even though he HATES him. He just wants to up his friend count.
by Lyssdexia September 19, 2007
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A combination of Vain and Maniac, this word is used to describe anyone who shows such intense levels of narcissism that they've reached a new level of self-proclaiming love. This word is also used to describe groups (if any) of people who demonstrate this "self-worshipping-love" in teams to help boost each others ego further.
"Uh oh, Vainiacs at 2 o'clock"
"There's no going back now, he's become a fully fledged Vaniac..."
"I don't like the term Narcissist, Vainiac is much more my style"
by Grawlix Jibber-Jab February 14, 2015

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