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1. A condition in which the afflicted person comlpains about pain that would affect him/her from participating in any phase of daily life; when in reality, he/she is just being a pussy.
a. Kris won't be in to work today because he has vaginitus.
b. Harry can't play ball because he has acute ankle vaginitus(Sore Ankle).
c. Peter won't go out tonight, as usual, because he sufers from chronic vaginitus(He's ALWAYS a pussy).
by John T. Black August 20, 2005
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The condition in which an employee seems to be sick on a monthly basis and needs to go home early.
( i.e. Tim came into work today and started complaining of being sick. Obviously, Vaginitus has set in.)
by ITGUY27 January 30, 2012
a condition a person is in where they're a cry about everything.
Andrea's boyfriend; Anthony has vaginitus.
by WEHateYouuuuuu April 05, 2008

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