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the genitalia of a male pussy.
Sally: "I was so mad at Steve, I decided to punch him in the vagina sack."
Emily: "What's a vagina sack?"
Sally: "Steve is a pussy. So he doesn't have balls. But he's a man so he has a penis. Which means he has a vagina sack located beneath it."
Emily: "Oh.."
by conncoll2015 October 11, 2011
when yancking on your vainy shaved loose nut skin and you get a large pile of left over skud meat you then pull that left over meat through your thumb and index finger causing there to be an 80yr old wrinkled brown loose vagina looking sack
watch me make a vagina sack out of my ball tissue
by Art Vandaleigh August 11, 2006
1 out of a billion woman that have a ballsack come out of their vagina once a month after their period is done.
my vagina sack is sexy!
by doingyurmom April 23, 2010
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