Top Definition
lesbian or one who enjoys giving a woman oral sex.
Check out those vageterians, they sure seem to be enjoying them selves.
by Parker January 27, 2004
One who eats nothing but vagina. (Also know as pussy, trim, or cunt.
That David went platinum plus for lunch, he must be a vageterian.
by Lauran23 October 21, 2006
lesbian vegeterian couple
Sally and Betty don't eat meat, but, because they are vageterians, they eat each other and all kinds of vegetables.
by krj4556 August 15, 2006
One who use to be down with the homies but is now a Vagina eating maniac.
Chris is a vageterian he eats mad pussy yo, and ain't even fucking.
by Renillion the Rap Ruler February 14, 2008
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