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Of, relating to, or resembling a vagina, esp. in the arts. Cf. phallic.
Many of Georgia O'Keeffe's abstract paintings appear vagestic, such as Grey Line With Black, Blue And Yellow (1923).

The poem contains vagestic images.

The Crain Communications Building in Chicago is an example of 20th-century vagestic architecture.
by ENG140 November 09, 2013

1. When a vagina is so incredible, even just to look at, you almost just cum yourself right there. It's like everything good thats ever happened concentrated into one vagical moment.
2. The perfect vagina can be described as such
Guy- Hey man, how was the bajingo?

Guy 2- W-what are you? A barbarian? To refer to it as a bajingo? You arrogant fool! It was nothing short of Vagestic!

Guy- wtf?
by Da Penguin August 24, 2009