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a cleaning utensil, commomly used to fight people, and threaten people or cats.
I'm gonna whoop your ass with this vaccum!
by vaccumfighter November 25, 2006
16 41
A word presumably used by those who do not know that the correct spelling is "vacuum".
Guy: Hey, this vaccum really sucks things up!
Girl: Don't you mean the "vacuum" does?
by BostonLiz March 26, 2007
119 27
A person who your trying to avoid but sucks you back into talking to them repeatedly.
"Dude Ashley is such a vaccum to you!"

"Ugh I know, I promised myself I wouldnt talk to her but I couldnt help it!"
by Rachiebabe340 June 29, 2011
7 14
One who sucks face with someone, to the point of swallowing his or her head.
Did you see Nichole in the hallway with her boyfriend? What a vaccume!
by theonewiththeface April 28, 2009
4 23
A "cleaning" device that can be made many different ways, but door knocking salesman will sell you the same piece of junk for a thousand dollars. Don't buy it. Go to wal-mart and get one on clearence *hint* (they all work the same)
Kirby Vaccums($1500), Oreck($800), Rainbow($1300), Filter Queen($1800)
by Colin Thorthan March 21, 2007
1 32
The mouth of a female
Aka: cum vacuum
Guy 1: I dont want my ejaculate matter to go to waste. What do I do?
Guy 2: Don't you have a girlfriend?
Guy 1: Oh yeah. I could use her vac-cum to get rid of it.
by undercover_Arab February 23, 2011
12 44