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This a sexual act that occurs when a female regrets to inform her male partner is on her rag and lets him go down on her. He then is surprised with the v8 splash - otherwise known as the tomato salad.
yeah he killed her cause he didn't like that v8 splash she gave him.
by jane April 25, 2003
The V8 Splash (also known as an Ocean Spray, Sierra Mist) is when a female fills her anal orifice with fruit juice or other assorted sodas and carbonated beverages with the intent of flatulating (farting) the liquid into her partner's face. The resulting fart-spray covers the recipients face with a combination of liquid and doodoo in an effort to arouse the sprayee sexually.
"Man the other night my girl was gassy. I took it as the perfect opportunity to capitalize on a sweet V8 splash!"

"Hey Jared, what did you do last night?"
"Oh, nothing much, watched a bit of the game...and later got totally Ocean Sprayed by Mindy!"
"Mmmmm...that is the best."
"You know it dude."(High Five at this point)

"Hey Todd, have you ever known a girl to load her ass with vegetable juice and then ask you for some fellatio, only to fart-geyser your face with the doo-tainted booty fluid?"
"Nope Clyde, can't say that I've ever experienced that."
"Oh, ok. Just wondering."
by J. Cooter March 31, 2008
What you get when you mix a total of 8 "V"s:
Vicodin swallowed with Vodka, then driving a V6 engine. The Splash is the crash.
Krisi was bored at a party, so she decided to leave and pull a V8 splash. Too bad she wrecked her car.
by Vee3 October 21, 2006
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