Verb-.(Vee-Vee) Is short for Vodka Vision. When you are completely intoxicated off of vodka and shots while hooking up with a totally ugly guy or girl because they look totally hot to you but when you wake up in the morning and look over at the person in your bed your like wtf happend last night.
Nia- girl all those shot you took last night gave you VV!
Kourtney- I know when I woke up this morning and looked over I was so ashamed of what I brought home. He looked so hot lastnight.

Nia- VV to the max!
by knee-uh June 12, 2011
To be a gamer and be able to preform acrobatics

Originating from vvti who was (and still is) the badass who wrecked both the ps3 console and gravity.
You fatass, wished you were a vv dont you?
by vvti713 June 28, 2010
the shape of a womans breasts, tits.
in between the V's, (V V), is the cleavage, and the bottom of the "V" is the nipple. Lookup W UU for the shape of a chicks ass.
DUDE1: DAAAMN!!! That bitch has nice V's...(V V)
I wish i can suck on those V's...
I wish i can stick my dick in bwtween them and fuck 'em...
I would cum and shoot my load on her neck and chin...
by blthrskt September 27, 2005
a nickname for vV (on my mobile, push VV and there's the name) extensions can be added on like vVo (kevin)
sometimes people can get carried away and have a vVvVvVvVvVvVvVv spasm.
eyo vV
hey lets ring vV
by pwn it mmmmm April 23, 2003
Hate-filled puggle with a giant pink bow. Delights in fishes.
VV frowned, and sipped.
by mollusk February 10, 2004

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