high maintenance
high maintnenace
by UZ April 28, 2004
Top Definition
a beautiful/pretty girl
by SecretAdmirer August 04, 2003
Sweetest girl and most amazing friend you can find. She's very stunning. Everyone falls in love with her. She can have major mood swings but you get used to it because she will always be there for you. If you know an Uzma, you are very lucky. Don't let her go. She is someone who will never leave your side.
Person 1:She is so nice!
Person 2:Uzma?
Person 1:Yup that's her!
#sweet #friend #nice #stunning #lover
by 09346q2j August 08, 2012
"the one"
usually used as a suffix to create a new affectionate term
'Fat-uzma' = "(the) Fat one"
'Babe-uzma' = "(the) Babeish one"
by Smartuzma May 25, 2004
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