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University of Texas Pan American - A Texas Higher Learning Institution home to economically resourceful students who realize that it's not the school that makes the person but rather what the person makes of the school and it's educational resources.
In economics class the professor taught the students about substitute goods. Although UT Austin and UTPA both teach the same course of Rhetoric, students decide to attend UTPA because it's less expensive, while less savvy people continue to shell out thousands of dollars at UT Austin for an education comparable to that of UTPA's.
by beefydude77 August 03, 2005
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Home of the Rio grande valley's largest population of chongers, fresas, and other assorted idiots who couldn't get into UT Austin.
Even the valedictorian of PSJA South (Bears to you fucking retards) is going to UTPA.
by Panocha007 June 08, 2003
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