A utopia is the ideal state of society in which every human need is adressed. The is no social or physical deprivity and humanity is free to grow and flourish at its leisure. There is no opression, war, poverty, famine, or social distress or racism. Although it is higly unlikely that humanity will reach a true utopia it is possible to better living conditions to be close to one.
It would be entierly possible to achieve a social state close to that of a utopia by the complete mechanization of labor and production. If all goods and services are produced by robots, humanity will be free from the maintenece of infrastructure and thus be able to rid itsself from all of the things mentioned above, something remenicient of the book Utopia by Issac Asimov
by X-45B23 July 13, 2006
A society that is proposed by Carl Marx, promptly before the authories killed him. Basically the utopia is a perfect place where there is no rich and poor and everything is abundant, it comes from capitalism.
The Russians skipped the capatalism part, formed the Soviet Union, and killed anyone who opposed their "utopia".
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
1. A society in which there is no hunger, no dehibiliting diseases, and shelter for all.
2. The current state of the USA
3. The current possible state of the entire world, if we tried cooperating.
A man sits in his heated home, drinking a cold drink from his electrically powered fridge, sits in a ergonomic chair at his computer which can connect the world, researching proper nutrition and exercise that would give him a long healthy life, gets up to go to a job that pays for this and more looks out the window and sees the rain that provides extensive water for our crops, and deems it all a distopia because he will have to get wet going out to his car. As he drives to the bank to deposit his paycheck, he looks at all the taxes he has to pay because of the services they provide and wishes he lived in an Utopia.
by Chris Ferry January 30, 2007
1)A non-existant entity, yet obtainable by voting in Al Gore for President as some may believe. 2)A place where everybody can have tons of free money to spend on prostitutes and drugs. 3)What stupid people "think" how the world should be.
Minny: Hey Al, wazzup?
Boo: Nuttin much..urp
Minny: You botin' dis yeer?
Boo: RAALLFFFff..ttt..oo..yeahh..
Minny: Me too..
by Bweep Bweep November 24, 2003
1) A suckbutt online game that causes errors on any Windows XP program.

2) A crackhead who smokes crack until the feeling of joy overcomes the feeling of being a loser who really can't pay their monthly rent fees.
1) This game sucks

2) Don't worry baby I found a great cardboard box by the dumpster yesterday with some curtains it will be so cute!
by zeus_daughter2 August 31, 2003

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