A utopia is the ideal state of society in which every human need is adressed. The is no social or physical deprivity and humanity is free to grow and flourish at its leisure. There is no opression, war, poverty, famine, or social distress or racism. Although it is higly unlikely that humanity will reach a true utopia it is possible to better living conditions to be close to one.
It would be entierly possible to achieve a social state close to that of a utopia by the complete mechanization of labor and production. If all goods and services are produced by robots, humanity will be free from the maintenece of infrastructure and thus be able to rid itsself from all of the things mentioned above, something remenicient of the book Utopia by Issac Asimov
by X-45B23 July 13, 2006
A theory of a perfect society that has been used by religious people to woo the masses, and by politicians to win more votes.
Utopia will never exist because humans are simply violent, jealous, warmongering animals with larger brains.
by AYB June 17, 2003
A state in which your perfectly buzzed but you have yet to reach the stage of being totally drunk or blackout.
I've had around three beers, i think i just need one more to be in utopia!
by JS19 July 02, 2011
Utopia is the theory that if humans are given enough time they will eventually create a perfect world; a place so unrealistic that it can only be in your dreams. In a utopia everything is serene and free of any and all problems imaginable, but it is a place that doesn’t exist. Every utopia has faults which makes it a dystopia. Not everyone will agree in a utopia which will cause chaos, thus making a utopia an unfeasible thing.
Ex. Neverland, from Peter Pan. It seems perfect there, to be forever young is great, to have no supervision is what every kid wants. But the utopia becomes a dystopia when the lost boys realize they might want to grow up, the problem of captain Hook, and when their leader/friend, Peter Pan, might leave.
by Ardendrew_ January 16, 2014
A street name in Brooklyn.
The bitch axed me a question on Utopia Parkway.
by yeah,right... November 02, 2003
1. A "perfect" society that will never be since it's definition is "no place"

2. An episode of Doctor Who, where in 100 trillion years reality will collapse on itself and the universe will end, with the last surviving members of humanity requiring the Doctor's help to escape to "Utopia".
Utopia. Man, the bitches must be hot there...
by darkverge September 09, 2007
A form of government in which all social and ecconomical evils have been erradicated, leaving the citizens to live happilly ever after. Even though it's impossible as hell.

From the Greek word meaning "no place".
Everything is possible on paper. Nothing works out in the real world, but on paper...
by Restin256 June 16, 2003
The perfect state of existence for human kind. However this ideal will never be realised because Utopia defies itself. The most perfect system would sponsor cultural and intellectual stagnation, whereas the least perfect would cause inequality nad polarisation of the community. Utopia would therefore be "imperfect perfection", a state that is impossible to attain while we still wear skin and think with fleshy minds.
Utopia will never exist. Stop dreaming.
by Small dog named karl April 25, 2003
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