A group selfie; a picture one takes with themselves and many others in the photo. One takes an usie to be silly with friends and have fun taking random pictures of themselves.
Guys, let's take an usie!!
by teamimperiumsbest July 12, 2013
Top Definition
The couples version of a 'selfie'

A photo of a couple, usually looking all loved up and very happy; taken by one half of the couple in the photo. It is then posted to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to show everyone how happy the couple are together, and to make their single friends feel depressed about being single and worry about impending spinsterhood. Also known as a smugie
'Both Cara and Matthew changed their profile picture last night, did you see it?'

'that usie of them on the beach? Yeah I saw it. Smug fuckers'
by Fryforth June 03, 2013
When engaged in the process of taking a selfie, and the picture consists of 2 or more people, the picture officially becomes an USIE
"Aye shawty, how's about me and you take an USIE together"
by Mr. internationally known June 11, 2014
It's a 'selfie' photo in which the subject of the selfie is joined—or crowded, or photobombed—by at least one other person.
That was a funny usie Monika took of the girls at my party
by Jagat9606 April 22, 2015
"Usie" comes from the word "Usually" and "Usual"
Pronounces "U-she"

Espicially used for when you like something

(ex, facebook,tumblr,twitter,myspace,running,forever 21,tillys, starbucks,panda express)

You can use it in any conversation at any given time.
espicially texting wise.

Its a shorten word for usally, & usual
to sound cool, and very "2010" , and chill
"You go to starbucks everyday!"

"What can I say, Im a starbucks usie"

"Dude you've been on facebook all day..."
"Im a facebook usie, i have a problem.. LEAVE ME ALONE"
by LesleyNaranho July 09, 2010
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