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1. An insult ecompassing everything from a sad passing comment to an all-out disgruceful comment.
2. To be let down or deflated; to have one's ego crushed; to come out of a situation with absolutely nothing
3. Synonmous with urh shit
4. (Another way to use this insult, is when someone makes a sad joke, you repeat exactly what they say but turn the vowel sound in the main word/concept of their joke into an 'urh' sound).
Definition 1:
Guy: Killara, Like, to Kill ara? Killara?
Dude: Urh.
Definition 2:
Dude: ...Then she told me she had a boyfriend.
Guy: Urh, Poor guy. Sorry to hear that timme
Definition 3:
(Replace urh with urh shit)
Definition 4:
Dude: Like its a ferrari.
Guy: *Mockingly* Like its a fer-URH-i
by Blackstump November 13, 2003
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