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1) v. To search for the definition of a word on Urban Dictionary

2) n. Short for Urban Dictionary
Person A: "I hear hella people are talking about how amazing ROTPOTA is, but I don't know what it means"

Person B: "You should urbdick it"
by deeeeeeenis August 25, 2011
20 2
Urb Dick is an abreviation for "urban dictionary" and is used when not wanting to complete all six syllabyls. it also gives you permission to say 'dick' on a regular basis.
Person A: Hey have you checked the new word of the day?
Person B: Duh, I check it every day on urb dick.
by bamfstat101 March 29, 2010
6 1
A guy who uses lots or big words and phrases found on urban dictionary to try to seem cool. Comes off as a dick. Hence UrbDick.
Urbdick: "Brah, I'm so pregrateing this fucking campy ass rave i'm boutta go to. i'm gonna get baked as fuck. you should come, but shit i'm gonna get man points tonight."
guy 1 (whispers to guy 2): "jeez he's so fucking arrogant. and who the hell does he think he is with all these fucking words?!"
guy 2: "i know, he's such an urbdick!"
by UrbDick? May 17, 2013
3 0
using urban dictionary.com to find insulting words to use while instant messaging ur bro, because u are bored at work.
Sorry man, i am just going to urbdick u to death today.
by Cupressus August 02, 2005
16 14
noun; commonly used as a shorter name for the popular website urban dictionary.
Grant: "dude did you just say swaggin' off?"

Clay: "ya man. I got it from urbdick."

Grant: "ah bro, that site is awesome."
by lalabeach7 February 11, 2011
1 4