A specific person who uses Urban Dictionary phrases in every sentence, while most normal people cannot understand anything they say without checking Urban Dictionary multiple times a day. They tend to ward off most people trying to make conversation with them by using such unknown phrases.
Normal Person texting:
Oh Hey.
Can We Go
And see the movies? Sorry. text got cut off.

Urbanian: Omgg stop Shatner Texting me!!

Normal Person: Uh...so what are you doing today?

Urbanian: Macaulay Culking it.

Normal Person: Oh..that's good? See ya later.

Urbanian: Peace d00d.
by GooseGirl November 23, 2012
Top Definition
A person or persons who frequently uses the urban dictionary.
I use the urban dictionary so much my friends now call me an"urbanian".
by Roger R. August 02, 2006
Someone who adds words and uses URban Dictionay most of the time.
pronouced: Ur-bee-an

Mother: "Timmy! You're always on that stupid Urban Dictionary! Get off of it! Now!"

Timmy: "But Mother I'm an Urbanian!"

Mother: "I don't care what you are, get of!"

Timmy: "A Mother, Someone who dislikes urban dictionary and wants their children to get of the internets most useful website"

Mother: "I heard that!"
by MEGAZOR August 14, 2009
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