1)Urbane is a word descrbing sceney mac users/npr listeners. they drive smart cars or hybrids and drink black coffee while reading soren kirkegaard and other obscure philosphers at starbucks. if not black coffee, green tea or septuple shot espresso! gotta get through all of those poetry slams somehow! are poets, artists, designers, or actors like moby. they live in williamsburg (brooklyn) or upper west side in a studio/loft, but can live anywhere. self-procalimed "urban Sophisticates". very pretentious, but REALLLLLY fun to talk about/act like! they also have obscure names, like gustav or charlton or manet.
2) Can mean really polished and sophisticated in a broad sense of the word.
1)Katharine- Look at them, over there, reading the arts section of the Sunday Times, listening to NPR podcasts, sipping their tazo. geez, if they had any bigger heads, they's knock over their new macbook airs!
Amanda- haha. I bet they live in williamsburg or something. well, at least they can chat about the advantages of sophocles versus plato in their little smart cars.
Katharine- But people like that don't chat. They have intelligent forums of conversation.
Amanda- Oh they're so URBANE!
2)Claude- Oh, those brooklyn artists! So creative! They're extremely urbane!
by foran May 23, 2008
Top Definition
refined, well-polished in speech or manner
Ted Kennedy is not exactly urbane.
by elvislives October 29, 2005
A suave and charming person. Kind and courteous.
The man was incredibly urbane and I enjoyed his company.
by Wassupninja December 23, 2015
The use of bane urbane dictionary terms!
College Student: "Let me give you the ear plug you fucking bitch."
Girlfriend: "No, give me the rusty trombone, rim me and trim me!"
Roommate: "God, you guys are urbane."
by G.M.H. November 13, 2009
A smarmy fucker; Elitist, snobby, dick-for-brains
The gentleman with the tophat and shit-eating grin was quite the urbane butthole.
by Moon Midget May 08, 2003
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