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To look up on Used by kids in Concord.
"You know what a "fnorgby" is?"


"Urbandictionize it!"
by Rogizzle April 04, 2005
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The act of creating your own word, and later submitting its definition to Also referred to as "U.D." for short.
Bob: Dude, I totally made up this amazing word!
Joe: Really, what is it?
Bob: Kadlrkyasoh!!
Joe: Yo dude, you better Urban-Dictionize that.
Bob: Yeah man, I'm totally gonna U.D. it 2nite..
by jonnjonn141 February 17, 2009
The act of using Urban Dictionary
"Ay, yo niqqa we stuntin' up the house tonite pullin dem hoes you know man?!?!"

"YEAHH!, lemme urban dictionize that shit."
by peudonm1 January 16, 2012

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